1. Sweetheart,
    How are you doing? AM really
    so happy to read from you,
    wonder what i did do without
    you. I just sent the parcel to you
    now. The parcel will arrive in
    Malaysia on Monday morning
    the 28th of July.
    Honey i don’t know if i have told
    you the content of the parcel.
    Inside the parcel i put the sum
    of 100,000 Great British
    Pounds cash which is in a
    brown envelope, a model HP
    new laptop, a gold Rolex
    wristwatch, iphone5s,
    Blackberry playbook, my
    pictures, post cards,Sony PS 3
    games, shoes and Liverpool
    and Man U jersey and my
    Confidential documents to buy
    the house.
    Darling you will take 60,000
    pounds from the 100,000.00
    pounds and buy the house for
    me and keep the balance for
    me, that is the money that i will
    use to start the project when
    am in Malaysia with you…Also
    take some money inside and
    book a 5 or 4 Star hotel for me
    a place where i will stay when
    come over i hope you
    understand me honey i love you
    so much please as soon as
    you receive the parcel from the
    courier services just let me
    know so that we make more
    plans because i really want to
    enjoy myself with you and have
    a nice time i love you honey…
    The name of the courier
    services company is
    COURIER. They will deliver the
    parcel to you as soon as
    possible. Its 48hours delivery. I
    wish you good luck honey
    hummm kisss…please as
    soon as you receive the gift, call
    me this is my hand phone
    number +447017042398. or
    send an email to me
    immediately. If you want to track
    the parcel, just copy the
    website below and put on your
    browser then you enter the
    tracking number on the
    website.Hope to hear from you

    nilah kata 2 dan janji manis minah ni setelah saya searh identity dia rupanya orang malaysia duduk kat shah alam memang pandaila dia…menipu harap kawan2 diluar sana hati jgn tertipu..

  2. Baby you are so sweet, I am at
    work now, am so happy that i
    met a nice man like you, you
    capture my every thought, i want
    to have your pictures on my
    laptop, if you don’t mind to send
    me more pictures of you, i will
    be more than happy to look at
    them everyday and night, you
    are so sweet and its rare ,i will
    love to meet honest, caring,
    lovely, trust worthy man and
    who is one man i can share
    laughter, joke, fun , love ,
    understanding with , i am also
    looking for romantic man who
    can make me feel the
    taste.who is God Fearing,I’m
    open minded,Straight
    forward,Down to earth.
    I would like to invest in a
    lucrative place, and it depends
    on what i will invest on that is
    why i need your help. Tell me
    what exactly i can invest on,
    maybe both of us can invest
    together, about the house, i
    also need you to tell me which
    state is very cool for me to buy
    the house. haaaaa….one thing
    you should know more about
    me is that I am a very honest
    and modest lady, hope you like
    that.. My father is late,i can stay
    anywhere in Malaysia as long
    is a comfortable place but i will
    prefer staying in the hotel for
    security reasons. I am coming
    alone,i have intentions to settle
    there later in life after my
    retirement. I will be on my
    computer waiting to read again
    from you…your sweet words
    and assuring too ,thank you so
    much, am so glad i meet you.
    Take care now.. so much love
    from me to you. My number is
    +447017042398. You can call

  3. I’m sorry for invading your
    privacy. I was surfing here on
    facebook, and your profile
    appeared on my suggestion list
    so i decided to send you this
    note and I believe it’s a sure
    way to meet and become
    friend. Am planning to visit
    Malaysia soon, i have never
    been to Malaysia, Am currently
    residing in London. My dad is
    Malaysian and my mom British.
    hope to hear from you soon

  4. My Dearest ,
    How are you today? i have
    been thinking about you all day
    but did not have the chance to
    message you. I am so sad
    here without you. Everywhere I
    go I see couples holding hands
    and being in love and I just
    can’t wait to get back so we can
    start our lives together.
    Its wonderful to have this depth
    of feeling.This feeling that
    everything was meant to
    be,this feeling of everything
    been so right.Its incredible,its
    beautiful and so perfect.i want
    this feeling to never end.i enjoy
    every min i spend with you and i
    am enjoying getting to know
    21 j am yang lalu
    I adore you! you are the most
    wonderful man.I love your
    pictures so much and thank
    you for that. You make me feel
    loved and worthy of love. I have
    missed much in life because i
    did not have a companion. You
    are the companion that i have
    wanted for so long. You are the
    man that i long to share life’s
    adventures with. You are the
    friend that i can share my
    innermost secrets with. You are
    a loving and supportive friend to
    me. I strive to be a loving and
    supportive friend to you. I long
    to help you carry life’s burdens
    and lovingly encourage you as
    you stretch out to be all that you
    can be. I love to sit across the
    couch, i long to share the
    intimacy of talking from the
    heart. I feel that i have had so
    much to give and that it has
    been bottled up inside me for
    so long. No one has been
    interested in opening the bottle
    and seeing what was inside.
    7/30/2014 Facebook

  5. You have not only been willing
    and interested in opening the
    bottle, but you have joyfully
    been surrounded and
    enveloped in the love that flows
    from my heart. You inspire and
    fully embrace the romantic man
    inside of me. You are the man
    that welcomes me with a big,
    warm smile with your arms
    wide open. You are the man
    that loves and longs for my
    warm hugs. You look at me
    with eyes full of love when i
    touch your face and look into
    your beautiful eyes. You warmly
    welcome my loving kiss, you
    are the man that i long to love
    until the end of my days.
    I love u darling

    inilah yg last saya terima..

  6. Scam ni slalu nya org nigeria yg buat..dan cara mereka sktang dah berubah, tak cara scam lama..ni aku baru dapat ni tapi awal2 aku dah tau pasal aku sendri ada buat research tentang scam2 mcm ni

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