One comment on “Protocols of The Elders of Mindcontrol

  1. Hi, I am a Malaysian Chinese. I have been a victim of gangstalking & remote electronic assault since
    April 2009. I have reported it to the police twice, nothing happened so far. I have asked help from MPs,
    mayor, and other high profile govt ministers. Nothing happened so far.

    I guess this is a little to farfetch for an ordinary Malaysian to figure it out – mind control , the secret crime.

    I think you are the first few Malaysian bloggers I came accross who wrote about mind control.

    I hope to keep in touch with you, my email is (, my name is Lim SC, male, 41
    from Sarawak. Used to stay and work in K.L.

    I look forward to hearing your favourable reply soon.

    I hope to look for other victims who are targets of this secret crime in Malaysia.

    Hope you can help me.



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