1. I think
    high gravitational force exists in bermunda triangle region than the other places on earth surface ??


    • Hi Birupananda, exactly right, it’s depend on how we evaluate and study on this mystery, if we look it from Sciences perspectives it shown that the mystery related with the gravity power, then if we look it from religious shown that the power come from some activities down there


  2. people believe lost atlantis city is under the water, the people living in that city they are supernaturals, just like journey to the center of the earth. Bernuda triangle which is located in were the atlantis city located earlier. because of supernatural power and over gravitation pull the incidents happened and believe people who traveled might be living there it includes Hitler also.


  3. i think that this is bull it isn’t extra terrestrial or it isn’t the gate way to hell because what if people that are going to Heaven go there then there bond to hell no matter what they do . so how to explain it i don’t know but many peoples theories are wrong


  4. A pretty fair summation of the Bermuda Triangle myth. Before trying to explain a mystery, though, one must make sure there is one there to begin with. One can come with all sort of explanations as to why coffee is blue when hot – surface refraction/reflection from a lower layer at a different temperature, thermosensitive molecules that reflect longer wavelengths at higher temperatures, or interference between the aura of the coffee and the human aura and so on, but one has to make sure that there is something there that needs explaining. Coffee isn’t blue, so it doesn’t need explaining. The Bermuda Triangle is no different from any other body of water so there’s no need for a theory because there’s nothing to explain.


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